Asiya’s recently completed collection, crosslight for youngbird, (Nightboat Books, 2018) largely contains pieces about the refugee crisis sweeping Europe. You can find her poems in The FeltThe Recluse, the PEN Poetry Series, Rattle, and SUBLEVEL. Asiya has received support from Brooklyn Poets, Home School Hudson, the Dickinson House (in Belgium), the Academy of American Poets, Fondazione Pistoletto, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Asiya teaches second grade in the daytime at Saint Ann’s School and English to recently arrived immigrants in the nighttime. Her chapbook, we, too, are but the fold, is forthcoming from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs (2017). She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

These days, I mostly write about the refugee crisis, where each piece is a response to a specific news event/ article. The idea of my crosslight for youngbird project is to create a palimpsest of the news. When not writing about migration and return and exile, I write about the small places where human and animal life forms meet. 


a lot about borders, both real and imagined, as well as the imagined borders that ultimately deliver. And how borders get unmade. And how fear gets disseminated. 


asiya [dot] wadud at gmail [dot] com


If you have ideas for a way we could work together, I want to hear all of them.