Crosslight for Youngbird | Nightboat Books. October 2018 (order book!)

SYNCOPE | Ugly Duckling Presse. Fall 2019

No Knowledge Is Complete Until It Passes Through My Body | Nightboat Books. 2020



we, too, are but the fold | chapbook, Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. 2017 (order here)

A Well-Built Lean-To | Un appentis bien construit | chapbook version, Organism for Poetic Research. October 2018 (order)

A Depiction of the Latin Alphabet. Johan Johan Studios. November 2018

other projects / essays

Anything Is Light When It Bears It Heavy | Etching a Name Onto A Malleable Surface, Literary Hub. 12/3/2018

A Propulsive Thread. Poets House blog. 12/5/2018.

I AM AN ISLAND: poems for robots | poems from robots

The Atoll of My Great Country: poorly retouched photos, innocuous lies



“Calais, onward” | Best American Experimental Writing. Guest edited by Myung Mi Kim. Wesleyan University Press. August 2018.

“atoll and archipelago” entries in Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene. Edited by Marthe Reed and Linda Russo. Wesleyan University Press. Fall 2018.

“I reckon, a latitude”. A Body of Athletics. Edited by Natalie Diaz and Hannah Ensor. University of Nebraska Press. forthcoming




Washington Square Reviewbook of VIII. Spring 2018

The Saint Ann's Review (3 poems): Untitled #3/ Vespers; At the archipelago; Hail the passage, the frequency, the remains (to incant in 3 voices). Spring 2018.

Belladonna Collaborative, Chaplet #228 (5 poems): let's conjecture; telling bad lies/ amateur 101: the waves were unreal; telling bad lies/ amateur 101: the house was full of windows; telling bad lies/ amateur 101: there was a lot of ivy, too, and the greens were so radiant; Robert Moses/ a collage. Spring 2018

111O/10: quietude, gaped earth, substantial loss. Fall 2017

Chicago Review. 60:04/61:01. (5 poems): Sizable Calamities (We Yearn), Emmett Till:On Kenyatta Learning about the Reaches of White Terror, Slicken Then Slack, On the Structure of Birds, A Phoenix Justly Transmutes Ruin. Fall 2017

 Sorry Archive, Issue 3. with Lili Glauber. some archipelago notions | islands in time. March 2017


Interview with Tupelo Quarterly Associate Editor Henk Rossouw + Folio of Poems. Tupelo Quarterly. June 2018. 

Makhzin, Issue 3: DICTATIONSHIP. (3 poems): it was satisfactory; other bodies of water; break odds. Summer 2018

Posit. Issue 17. (5 poems): Be the blueprint; after Hilda Hilst/ after LOOK; chronology in prostrate/ daybook; speak + tendrils; my decent one. March 2018

The Figure 1field notes for topiary. Fall 2017

Sixth Finch. still life on lesbos. Spring 2017

Rattlethe dog god. January 2017  

SUBLEVEL, Issue #1: CONTAGION. LIDA MEET LORRY Edited by Maggie Nelson and Janice Lee. February 2017

PEN Poetry Seriesconversations from empire November 2016

The Recluse. Jamila and Calais, onward. June 2016

The Felt. My Little Nothings Form a Mouth. May 2016



Interview with Brooklyn Poets (Poet of the Week), January 2, 2017

Nightboat Prize for Poetry, Finalist, January 31, 2017

New York Foundation for the Arts, Artist Fellowship, Poetry Finalist, 2017